2008 Conclave a Huge Success!

by Chris Brightwell on April 21, 2008

Coosa Lodge had another phenomenal showing at the 2008 Conclave!

Our Team Dance won first place, our individual dancers received honors, our ceremony teams received honors, Coosa Shows lived up to the hype, James Tarbox won a second term as Section Chief, and Coosa Lodge was selected to host the 2009 SR-9 Conclave at Camp Comer.

Coosa Lodge also won the Section Recognition Award, which is one of the most competitive and prestigious awards available in the Section.  Congratulations to everyone who helped make that possible!

If you weren’t at Camp Lumpkin this weekend, you missed a great event. Make plans now to help Coosa Lodge get the brand-new Section SR-9 kicked off to a great start next spring!

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