“Directions to Camp” Links Updated

by Chris Brightwell on August 6, 2008

I just noticed that the map link (on the right) to Camp Sequoyah is no longer working correctly, so I updated the link to use lat/lon coordinates instead of the street address for camp. I suspect that Google updated its mapping database, which managed to drop the address somehow.

For those interested, here are the lat/lon coordinates for Camp Comer and Camp Sequoyah:

Camp Comer: N 34° 31′ 24″, W 85° 37′ 50″
Camp Sequoyah: N 33° 31′ 44″, W 85° 40′ 21″

If you have the coordinates for the rest of our camps or any other point of interest in the council, email me and we’ll maintain a list of them here on coosa50.org.

edit: I fixed the Chapter Map page, too. Thanks.

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