Conclave to the 9th Power!

by Will Jackson on September 29, 2008

This is the beginning of the ninth year of Coosa Lodge. On April 17-19, around 900 Arrowmen from nine lodges in Alabama and Georgia will converge on Camp Comer for the inaugural SR-9 Conclave. Conclave – literally translated as a secret meeting – is a time where brothers from around our section come fellowship, compete, and get informed about OA programs in and around our section.

This year, the Coosa Lodge will serve as service lodge. This means that the lodge will need your help in providing the logistical support for Conclave. Our Conclave Responsibilities have been divided into three function groups with several committees each. Administration handles registration, the Trading Post (on-site and pre-order), participant guide books, our printed conclave proposal to the section, and Conclave awards . Host services will provide guides for each lodge throughout the weekend, provide transportation to and from the A-frames, manage parking, put on the Vigil Rededication, provide a medical team, run a 24-hour food service, and serve as hospitality central for all of our guest lodges. Logistics will be responsible for all artwork, flag ceremonies, all pre-weekend set-up and improvements (such as work weekends), and provide facilities maintenance and support during the event. To sign up for a committee or receive more information about a function group, e-mail Many committees will have a wide variety of service opportunities that will allow you to be involved in multiple committees. Remember the lodge will need everyone’s help to pull off a successful Conclave!

We will also have three work weekends at Camp Comer to prepare for Conclave on March 28, April 4, and April 11.

For more information, check the website in the next few weeks. If you have any questions regarding Conclave, contact Conclave Chairman Will Jackson or Conclave Adviser Mr. Greg Moore at

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