The Exciting 9th Year of Our Lodge!

by Will Jackson on September 29, 2008


This weekend was a great success! Many thanks to Stephen Hayes and Mr. Don Russell and all who were involved in planning this successful event. It was a great way to conclude our 8th year as a lodge. Congratulations to the 2008 officers for a great year. Now it is time to get ready for an awesome 2009! Congratulations to all of our new lodge officers:

  • Will Jackson, Lodge Chief
  • Kyle McInnis, Vice Chief of Service
  • John Bishop, Vice Chief of Administration
  • Joseph Rush, Vice Chief of Communications
  • Patrick Hayes, Vice Chief of Fellowship
  • Kyle Dotson, Vice Chief of Inductions
  • Stephen Hayes, Vice Chief of Native American Affairs
  • Will Cole, Vice Chief of the North
  • Davis Faulkner, Vice Chief of the South

Col. Kent Jackson also began his tenure as our Lodge Adviser during the event. The Lodge benefited greatly from the leadership and direction of Mr. Greg Moore but will also be looking forward to the experienced advisership of Colonel Jackson!

Congratulations to all new chapter officers! This year much of our lodge activities will be centered around our 14 chapters. We have an exciting new year ahead of us so jump on board and get strapped in! If you are interested in serving as a lodge committee chairman, please contact Will Jackson ASAP.

If you have not yet signed up to attend Conclave or National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), be sure to do so soon. Forms are available in the forms section of the website. Follow the instructions on each about where to mail them. We have a limited amount of time to submit our number of participants to national and the section. If you have not yet signed up to help with Conclave by serving on staff, be sure to contact me or Mr. Greg Moore at

Don’t forget about the work day at Camp Comer on Saturday, October 4! We will be putting together more tent platforms for Conclave and summer camp. Lunch will be provided by the lodge in conjunction with the Cub-Haunted staff work day.

If your chapter does not have a webmaster and you are interested, please contact your chapter chief and the Coosa Web Team.


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