by Will Jackson on March 29, 2009

A few important pieces of information regarding NOAC participants was announced at the Contingent meeting at American Indian Seminar.

Everyone attending NOAC needs to register for courses as soon after April 1 as possible. Visit the NOAC site for more detailed information about sessions and special happenings during the event. To be able to sign up, you must contact Mr. Mark Hayes and receive your user ID and password. Every participant must have a new NOAC medical completed. (Please see the NOAC page or the National website for a downloadable copy of the form.)

Also, there are a few slots left to go to NOAC. If you are interested in going, please contact Mr. Marl Hayes immediately. The total cost is $500 including the transportation fee. There is a $100 deposit. An additional $200 was due at the American Indian Seminar. The final $200 is due at the May Ordeal at Camp Sequoyah. Section SR-9 is offering a scholarship to assist 10 youth with the cost of attending the 2009 NOAC.

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