Conclave Updates!

by Will Jackson on March 29, 2009

If you have not already signed up for Conclave, please do so immediately. If you have any questions, contact Lodge Chief Will Jackson. The registration form is attached on the Conclave page of the website. We also request that everyone sign up now to work with one of our Conclave Committees.

When you arrive at Conclave, all Coosa members will be instructed to proceed to the rear windows of the new Staff Lounge to sign-in/register. Here you will receive your pre-ordered memorabilia and any additional information from our Youth Contingent Leader, Vice Chief of Service Kyle McInnis. Unless Will Jackson has personally contacted you about rooming assignments, you will need to bring a tent to pitch on the parade field at Camp Jacobs (near the A-frames).

Our official staff shirt for the weekend will be the Coosa Lodge T-shirt that has been for sale since 2005. These shirts will be available for purchase at any of the Conclave Work Weekends or at Conclave. BECAUSE WE ARE THE SERVIE LODG, EVERY COOSA MEMBER WILL BE SERVING ON “STAFF.”

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