Conclave Workdays will Continue!

by Chris Brightwell on March 24, 2009

The next two Saturdays (April 4 and April 11) will be workdays to help get Camp Comer in shape for the inaugural SR-9 Section Conclave.  We need all of the help we can get to get camp in tip-top shape for hundreds of Arrowmen from nine lodges.

During our first work weekend on March 27, over 50 Arrowman worked on the impressive tents. We still have quite a few tents and beds to build as well as basic campsite maintenance and camp prep work to finish at the remaining two weekends.

We’ll get started each day around 8 am and work until around 4 pm.

We will meet at the new Staff Lounge (the new building above the main Parking Lot.) and divide up into work crews. Lunch will be served, so bring your work gloves, an appetite for service, and a cheerful spirit!

If you have electric/battery operated hand drills that you can bring, please bring them and plan to have them put to good use.  If you have skills in plumbing, electrical work, or anything similar, please contact Will Jackson ( and let him know.

If you are unable to attend one of the work weekends, we encourage you to come up during the week and provide service. Please contact Mickey Bobo or Terry Wagner via the camp phone at 256-634-0081 to coordinate your work.

Up to three full days of service (during the week or on Saturdays) may be counted towards earning this year’s Conclave Service Flaps. Any Coosa Lodge member who helps with a full day of service may purchase two Service Flaps for $5 at any of the 3 work weekends. We will be recording attendance so that you may purchase flaps which ever weekend(s) you wish. If you work for 3 days, you may purchase a total of 7 flaps. If you work for more than 3 days, we appreciate the service towards Conclave and one of our council camps!

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