No Ordeal Cancellation

by Chris Brightwell on April 30, 2009

Pursuant to today’s special edition of The Digital Eagle, this weekend’s Ordeal is not canceled.

Here’s the text:

Council-level activities in the Greater Alabama Council will continue as scheduled.  This is consistent with the current guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Alabama Department of Public Health:

“Large gatherings linked to settings or institutions with laboratory-confirmed cases should be cancelled, for example a school event linked to a school with cases; other large gatherings in the community may not need to be cancelled at this time ” (emphasis added).

The following guidance will also be followed:

“Persons who develop influenza-like-illness (ILI) (fever with either cough or sore throat) should be strongly encouraged to self-isolate.”

Anyone arriving with flu-like symptoms, or developing flu-like symptoms during the event will be asked to leave.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this policy.

See you at Camp!

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