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by Will Jackson on July 29, 2009

The National Order of the Arrow Conference is fast approaching. The Coosa Lodge contingent will be leaving on Friday, July 31. At the NOAC contingent meeting on Saturday, we discussed travel arrangements. We will have four main meeting points and several stops spread across North Alabama. Each  group will meet in Mooresville, AL on Exit 2 of I-565 at 10:30 PM. Contact Mr. Tony Myers, our Transportation Adviser, if you have any questions.

We will arrive at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN early Saturday morning to eat breakfast and then check-in. We will leave on Thursday morning as soon as the contingent is packed and checked-out of our rooms. After we depart, we will provide an estimated time of arrival back in Mooresville and each original departure point.

Here is the information sheet given out at the July 25 Contingent Meeting. Be sure to talk with Patrick Hayes by Saturday to sign up for Contingent Activities such as the NOAC games.

We also have a Coosa Lodge cheer competition going on. Coosa Lodge is looking for a creative new way to show our great spirit. We have used the same cheer for five years and are in need of a something fresh. If you have any ideas, please turn them in to Will Jackson on paper or via e-mail. All submissions are due by Saturday morning when we arrive for breakfast in Bloomington. There will be a special prize to the winner so pull out your thinking caps!

See you in Mooresville!

NOTE: The email address on this handout is incorrect for Mr. Hayes.  The correct email address is  Thanks.

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