NOAC Update

by Devan Beitel on July 21, 2009

NOAC is fast approaching. Several people have yet to finish filling out their paperwork necessary to attend. EVERYONE must have the current medical form and the NOAC Code of Conduct filled out and sent
to Mark Hayes IMMEDIATELY. They are both available on the NOAC registration website. If you listed any medical concerns, it is necessary for you to submit a medical waiver as well. You may fax them to Mr. Hayes at 205-960-1798 or e-mail them at Because we need to make several announcements in person, explain travel arrangements, plan some of our lodge activities, and offer a time to answer questions, there will be a contingent meeting on Saturday, July 25 at the Liberty Parkway Service Center in Birmingham. We will meet at 10:30 AM. Lunch will be provided by the lodge. Immediately following lunch, we will offer youth protection training. All adults (ANYONE OVER 18) must be certified and include the date on the Code of Conduct Form. If you have up to date training, you do not have to attend the session after lunch. Staff members who have not
been trained may also attend. At the meeting, we will pass out a list of what to bring, discuss rooming arrangements, sign up for activities, and assign adults their advising roles during the event.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

In Leadership and Service,
Will Jackson
Coosa Lodge Chief

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