Coosa Lodge Returns from NOAC!

by Will Jackson on August 7, 2009

The Coosa Lodge returned from the National Order of the Arrow at Indiana University yesterday. 73 members of the lodge contingent and 10 staff members had a great time and represented Coosa well! We participated in Dancing, Drumming, and Ceremonies competitions; Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Wii Bowling, Wii Tennis, Basketball and Lodgeball games; huge Arena Shows; the world’s largest kazoo band; region-on-region dodgeball; the Howdag; and great training.

Several Arrowmen from Coosa Lodge were recognized for their dedication to the OA including James Flatt and Keith Swedenburg who received the Distinguished Service Award and Patsy Swedenburg who received the Red Arrow Award. James Tarbox, our former Lodge Chief, served as NOAC’s Conference Vice Chief of Shows.

The Coosa Lodge Drum Team won second place in Southern Singing and Drumming. Damon Ashley was in the Top 10 Traditional Dancers at NOAC and danced on stage at the Arena Show! Our Lodge History Display won Honor Lodge distinction and was the National Champion. Our Volleyball team even won Third Place in the nation. Michele Reavis won Fourth Place in the adult division of Wii Bowling. Our Lodge Newsletter, the Red Feather Herald, won Honors distinction. Two members of Coosa Lodge got to sit in the Skybox at an Arena Show: John Kunka and Stephen Hayes. Our Lodge Chief Will Jackson was even asked to speak at the National Council of Chiefs!

Overall, this was one of the best NOACs Coosa Lodge has ever attended. A special thanks goes to Mr. Mark Hayes, our Contingent Leader and everyone who helped make this such a great event!

Make sure that you don’t miss the NOAC in 2012 at Michigan State University!

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