Important Notes on Ordeal Housing!

by Will Jackson on August 12, 2009

We have two Ordeals left this year. Both of which will see arrowmen join to do work with a lasting impact at our council camps.

The first Ordeal is this weekend at Camp Comer. One of our projects will be cleaning out the staff area. Any  shop vacuum cleaners that you bring will be put to good use! To do this, NO ONE will be able to sleep in the staff area. Everyone will stay in campsites. There are over 730 beds in campsites – including the 150 new tents that many of our brothers assembled this year! This small sacrifice will allow events at Comer this year to make good use of these clean facilities!

The second Ordeal is September 11-13 at Camp Jackson. The Coosa Lodge has not had an event at Camp Jackson since 2003! We have a lot of great work planned. However, there will be no housing available at Camp Jackson. EVERYONE WILL NEED TO BRING A TENT!

We’ll see you at the Ordeals and then at Fall Fellowship!

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