Successful Ordeal

by Chris Brightwell on September 14, 2009

With 106 new Ordeal members, 17 new Brotherhood members, and more than 200 people in camp, it’s hard to call this past weekend’s Ordeal at Camp Jackson anything other than a resounding success!  We did a lot of much-needed work around camp and were definitely able to leave the property in much better shape than it was when we found it.  There are some big plans in the works for Camp Jackson, and Coosa Lodge did a lot this weekend to help bring those to fruition.

Our Council Scout Executive, Mr. Tim Cooper, was even on-site and working hard to help Camp Jackson look its best.

If you’ve just completed your Ordeal, check out our “After Your Ordeal” page for more information on Coosa Lodge, the Order of the Arrow, and what we’re all about.  Now that you’ve completed your Ordeal, make plans to join us at Camp Comer in 11 days (Sept. 25-27) for our tenth annual Fall Fellowship!

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