2010 SR-9 Conclave a Success!!

by Davis Faulkner on April 18, 2010

The 2010 SR-9 Conclave is in the books! Coosa Lodge had a contingent of 88 Arrowmen attend this years event at Camp Tukabatchee. Alibamu Lodge was a great host and Lodge members enjoyed the activities and events around the Camp. There were many accolades earned by the Lodge and its members at the event. Listed below are the accomplishments of Coosa Lodge at the 2nd Annual SR-9 Conclave. Congratulations to each Arrowman and team that helped us win these awards:

Algixin Award – Coosa Lodge

3rd Place Fancy Dancer – Jacob Smith
2nd Place Straight Dancer – Patrick Hayes
1st Place Straight Dance Outfit – Patrick Hayes
2nd Place Old Time Sioux Dancer – Alex Pope
3rd Place Old Time Sioux Dancer – Jacob Murphree
1st Place Old Time Sioux Outfit – Alex Pope
2nd Place Old Time Sioux Outfit – Jacob Murphree
1st Place Traditional Dancer – Damon Ashley
2nd Place Traditional Dancer – Stephen Hayes
2nd Place Traditional Dance Outfit – Stephen Hayes
3rd Place Traditional Dance Outfit – Damon Ashley

Team Dance 1st Place – Coosa Lodge

Honor Team in the Ordeal Ceremony – Japeechen Chapter
Honor Team in the Ordeal Ceremony – Yuchi Chapter
Honor Team in the Brotherhood Ceremony – Japeechen Chapter

1st Place Lodge Newsletter – Coosa Lodge
2nd Place Lodge Where to Go Camping Guidebook – Coosa Lodge
3rd Place Lodge Website – Coosa Lodge
3rd Place Lodge Display – Coosa Lodge

SR-9 OA High Adventure Scholarships:
Stephen Long and Alex Ritchie each won a $150 Scholarship to attend an OA High Adventure Base this summer.

It was announced that the 2011 SR-9 Conclave will be hosted by Ini-To Lodge at Camp Thunder near Griffin, Georgia. We hope to continue our tradition of winning teams and large turnouts for these events. Many thanks to all who attended and to former Chief Will Jackson for his service on the SR-9 Staff. We also want to thank Dr. James Flatt, SR-9 Section Adviser and Mr. Greg Moore, Associate Section Adviser for their efforts in helping put together a great event for all the Lodges of SR-9. Of course our very own Coosa Shows team worked with other lodges in the section to help put together a great Arena Show both nights.  Great job guys!  Hope to see you all at Camp Thunder in 2011.


Davis Faulkner, VC Communication

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1 David Murphree April 18, 2010 at 9:53 pm

While Coosa Shows played a major roll for Section Shows, they were not the only ones on the team. Many thanks to the other lodges who helped make up the team. Coosa Shows help is greatly appreciated. Their expertise and willingness to teach others is a priceless benefit to SR-9.

David Murphree
SR-9 Shows Advisor

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