Updated Hawk Day Info

by Chris Brightwell on April 29, 2010

We’ve had to shuffle our Hawk Day plans again, due to scheduling conflicts.  Here is the latest:

  • May 15, Camp Westmoreland
  • May 22, Camp Jack Wright
  • September 11, Location TBA

This information supersedes all previously published information.  These are the latest, most official dates for these events. Please update your calendars and all group calendars to which you have access.  Please distribute this information as widely as possible.

All of these events are scheduled for 8am to 4pm.  The lodge will not be providing lunch, so bring a sack lunch.

Finally, for those of you who work at these events, a new Coosa Lodge flap is being created as an incentive for cheerful service.  The artwork has not been finalized, but here’s the deal: If you work for four hours at one of these Hawk Day events, you will get an opportunity to buy one.  If you work the full eight hours, you’ll get an opportunity to buy two.

Because the artwork hasn’t been finalized, these flaps will not be available at the Hawk Day events next month.  Instead, you’ll have an opportunity to buy them at an event later this year.

More details on specific needs (tools, skills, etc.) will be posted as these dates get closer.

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