More Hawk Day Reshuffling

by Chris Brightwell on May 11, 2010

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re having to again shuffle our Hawk Day schedule.  In short, there is no Hawk Day this weekend at Camp Westmoreland.

Instead, we’re going to double up our efforts on Saturday, May 22nd, and host Hawk Day events at both Camp Westmoreland and Camp Jack Wright.  The idea is that the northern chapters can report to Camp Westmoreland, while the southern chapters report to Camp Jack Wright.

Again, just to be clear: there will be two Hawk Day events on May 22nd.  One at Camp Jack Wright, and another at Camp Westmoreland.  Both events are still set to go from 8am to 4pm, and you still need to bring your own sack lunch.

We’ll post more information on specific needs (tools, skills, etc.) as that information becomes available.

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