by Davis Faulkner on June 29, 2010

Brotherhood membership marks the completion of your induction into the Order of the Arrow.  Brotherhood membership is sought by those Arrowmen who want to reaffirm their commitment to the purposes of our Order and pledge to live a life of leadership in service.
All Coosa Lodge members who completed their Ordeal in 2009 or before will be eligible to seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow at the upcoming August Ordeal by becoming a Brotherhood Member of the Coosa Lodge.
There are several challenges you must meet before you can enter the Circle of the Brotherhood.  First, you must memorize the Obligation and the OA song, and know the Admonition, the sign of the Ordeal, and the Arrow handclasp.  Next, you should learn more about the meaning of the Ordeal experience, continue to serve your Troop, and make a plan for continuing service to your Lodge.  Finally, you should write a letter to the Lodge Vice-Chief of Inductions about what the Obligation means to you, how you have been fulfilling the Obligation in your daily life, and describe your plans for continued service to the Lodge.  To help you meet these challenges you can go to the Forms and Publications link on our website and click on “Misc. Publications”.  There you will find our “2010 Brotherhood Study Guide” that you can download.  You can also visit to help you get started on your journey to Brotherhood membership.  We will also provide Brotherhood counseling at the August Ordeal to help guide you along the way. 
So what are you waiting for?  Make plans now to attend the August Ordeal at Camp Sequoyah (August 13-15, 2010) and be a part of the Brotherhood Walk and Ceremony to seal your pledge to Coosa Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.


Davis Faulkner; VC of Communication

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