2010-2011 Lodge Officer Candidates

by Chris Brightwell on September 24, 2010

We’re a week from Fall Fellowship, which means we’re also a week away from electing and installing a new set of Lodge officers.  Here are the candidates for each office:

  • Lodge Chief — Devan Beitel, Davis Faulkner
  • Vice-Chief of Service — Kyle Dotson, Davis Faulkner
  • Vice-Chief of Administration — Jacob Smith, Thomas Willingham
  • Vice-Chief of Communications — Nathan Moore, Jacob Murphree
  • Vice-Chief of Fellowship — Jorge Marin, Chris Bright
  • Vice-Chief of Inductions — Ethan Merrell, Collin Pike
  • Vice-Chief of Native American Affairs — Patrick Hayes, Alex Pope
  • Northern Area Vice-Chief — Micah Gilliland
  • Southern Area Vice-Chief — John Kunka, John Melton, Caleb Caldwell

I also got a note from the Chief, asking me to relay a quick message:

There is no “campaigning” allowed for lodge officer positions.  There will be an opportunity to address the Lodge before the elections, but please do not bring fliers or posters or handouts to promote yourself for these positions.

There’s a new issue of the Red Feather Herald, which is on its way to mailboxes throughout the lodge and will be posted soon on this website.  We’re also putting the finishing touches on the event schedule and hope to have that posted in the next few days.

If you’re on Facebook, please take a moment to become a fan of Coosa Lodge (and also of  Greater Alabama Council), then register your RSVP for Fall Fellowship.  We’re on Twitter, too, if you’re into that.  Just follow @coosalodge.

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