2010 Fall Fellowship in Review

by N. G. Moore on October 8, 2010

What a way to break in the new decade of Coosa Lodge, with a great Fall Fellowship! With nearly 300 arrowmen, awesome food, and tons of fun activities, I don’t think a single person didn’t enjoy the Fellowship. We had 22 members get their Brotherhood, and the 14 recipients of the 2010 Vigil Class were inducted.

We started out with a Friday night feast of roast (and a lot of other food) for any and all, then we got down to the really cool bit with the Vigil Call-Out ceremony before heading off to bed (well, most of us).

Saturday started off strong with tons of games right after breakfast, including (but not limited to!): Lodgeball, Capture the Flag, and several inflatables. Right before lunch, we elected our new 2010-2011 Lodge Officers, most notably our new Chief, Devan Beital! Congrats!

Here’s a message from the new Chief: “Cheerful service, which our brotherhood was founded on, is vital in today’s world. This upcoming year is a time for everyone to get involved and help our council camps, but in a fun way. I charge you get to involved in Coosa Lodge this year! You will not regret it! Communication is the foundation to a truely great lodge, like Coosa. Social media is changing how we get news, and Coosa is following that change also. Make sure to follow us on twitter, become a fan of our Facebook page, and check the lodge website (coosa50.org) as often as possible!”

After lunch, the water slide, climbing tower, and rifle range all opened up for fun. Football and patches were two things to be found all day, and the trading post had several new patches and items for sale.

That night was our closing show, featuring the presentation of many awesome awards, induction of the new Chief, and, of course, the Vigil Class presentation.

Afterward, everyone flocked to the dining hall to trade more patches, get some ice cream, play some Rock Band 2, and just have fun in fellowship.

If you didn’t attend, you really need to come to the next one! It’s going to be 9/30 – 10/2, 2011 (That’s September 30 to October 2, if you’re wondering) at Camp Comer. Get it down now so you won’t forget later! And try to come to the November Ordeal too! (The 12-14, at Camp Jackson) We really need more people to come and help clean up Camp Jackson and support the last group of new members for 2010.

The 2010 Vigil class and new LEC members will be up soon. The calender’s good to go till next December. More soon.


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