Coosa Lodge’s May Ordeal Receives a Five-Star Review!

by N. G. Moore on May 23, 2011

This past weekend, Coosa hosted the first of the 2011 Ordeals at Camp Sequoyah. With a grand total of 162 members, 71 new members, and 14 members sealing their membership in Brotherhood, this weekend has been great! The weather couldn’t have been better, and the food was great. Members and candidates alike helped the camp in various service projects such as removing storm damage. Ceremonialists from Yuchi, Kaskanampo, Nacha Sipo, and Nunne-Hi all showed up to preform, and, after the ceremonies on Saturday were over, the kitchen crew was busy all night with dinner and the cracker barrel, where there was food, How To Train Your Dragon, much patch trading, and fellowship. Everyone who went to this event was was satisfied with the experience.

The next event will be the September Ordeal, at Comer Scout Reservation. September 9-11, mark the date now! Also, please note that there will be opportunities for you to seal your membership at summer camp at Comer and Sequoyah this year, provided you’ve been an Ordeal member for 10 months and have your dues paid.


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