Muscogee Chapter Brotherhood Bash a Huge Success!

by N. G. Moore on May 2, 2011

Saturday April 30th, Coosa Lodge welcomed 23 new Brotherhood Arrowmen who sealed their bonds of membership. The event was hosted by the Muscogee Chapter at Camp Tranquility in Oak Mountain State Park. New Brotherhood Members came from four different Chapters across the Lodge. Conversion testing was conducted in the morning and a Noon Brotherhood Ceremony was held for all who completed their requirements.

Participants were treated to a free lunch, drinks, Conversion Day Patch & Leather Round. The cost of the event was also free and local to Birmingham which helped bring in more members for the ceremony. With the addition of these 23 Brothers we now have 41 Brotherhood Conversions for 2011. We are nearly halfway to our goal for Quality Lodge in 2011. A special thanks to Ms. Michele Reavis and the Nacha Sipo Chapter Brotherhood Ceremony Team who assisted us with the Brotherhood Bash at Camp Tranquility. We also want to thank our Brotherhood counselors for their assistance. We could not have done this without you. Please welcome these new Brotherhood members to Coosa Lodge.

Kyle Barnes – Nunne Hi
Robby Brantley – Muscogee
Adam Doss – Nacha Sipo
Ryan Edwards – Muscogee
Terry Edwards – Muscogee
John Giddens – Muscogee
Madison Giddens – Muscogee
Alec Lee -Muscogee
Garrett McClurg – Muscogee
Bob Miller – Muscogee
Stephen Mixson – Muscogee
Storey Mizzell – Muscogee
David Posey – Nacha Sipo
Eli Pruitt – Nacha Sipo
Ken Pruitt – Nacha Sipo
Austin Roberts – Muscogee
Bill Rowley – Muscogee
Jalen Simpson – Cherokee
Cody Smith – Muscogee
Andrew Tucker – Muscogee
Bob Wombwell – Muscogee
Alex Wurstner – Muscogee
Steve Zaharias – Muscogee

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