Coosa Lodge Notes and Updates

by Chris Brightwell on August 15, 2011

Now that we’re done with Summer Camp, Summit Corps, and Indian Summer, it’s time to look at the back half of our 2011 calendar: Two Ordeals and a Fall Fellowship.  Here are a few quick notes.

  • Due to extensive damage from the tornado outbreak in April, the November Ordeal has been moved from Camp Jackson to Camp Comer.  Please help us spread the word on this.
  • The new candidate pre-registration deadline for the September Ordeal is coming up quickly.  If your pre-registration form isn’t postmarked by next Friday, August 26th, new Ordeal candidates will have to pay the late/on-site registration fee.
  • If you’re interested in running for lodge office at this year’s Fall Fellowship, the Lodge Officer Nomination form is due at the September Ordeal.  If you don’t turn in this form on-time, you will not be considered for any of the lodge officer positions.
  • We’re in planning mode for Fall Fellowship, so we’d love to hear from you! What do you want to see that weekend? Is there something you’d like to see added or removed? Something that could use improvement? Let us know!

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