Coosa Rocks through NOAC 2012

by Patrick Yim on August 21, 2012

Well what can I say than NOAC was a blast. Coosa Lodge had an amazing turn out of over  100 members and we were recognized as the nations second largest contingent at the event.  Through this years NOAC them of United We Leave a Legacy we grew as not only a lodge but as an order which has been working hard for almost 100 years. From training to patch trading each scout took away something different. As a first time NOAC atendee I personally loved every little thing NOAC had to offer. I was privilaged to me and talk with the National chief, John Rehm, multiple times while at the event and it amazed me to see him out among eveyone else talking with us, singing songs, and getting our input.

Another thing that amazed me was the participation from my very own lodge. Coosa had at least four dancers compete, one of which placed 6th nationally in traditional dance, ten who participated in the Brotherhood chorus with three who completed the program, and three who completed the Brotherhood Band, multiple ceremony teams who competed  who honored, and placed in the top three,  and many many other things.Also at every single arena show, Coosa was always up on their feet cheering, dancing, and singing no matter how crazy it seemed, because at that time we were united together, and noone would stop us.

Even with all of this, two of my experiences stood out more than the others. The first was the honoring of the Distinguished Service Award recipiants one of which was our own, James Tarbox. The second was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Eagle scout award. Throughout the week eagle scouts wore their medals proudly to state that they were Eagle Scouts. Something I will never forget is when I went to the 100th Anniversary NESA dinner and ttalk with so many of the eagle scouts who were there celebrating the anniversary along with me. All in all it was an amzing experience which I will never forget .

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