Camp Sequoyah Named a 5-Candy-Cane Resort!

by Will Jackson on September 29, 2012

After completing the rigorous evaluation and long meetings with the Fellowship staff, the North Pole’s Office of Housing has officially approved Camp Sequoyah’s housing arrangements for a Very Coosa Christmas.

Among the very stringent requirements for a 5-Candy Cane Resort, Camp Sequoyah met the following:

  • Elf-approved temperature control system: The naturally sunny climate will prevent wind chills below -20ºC. The average percipitation combined with the official climate designation exempts Camp Sequoyah from igloo-style accommodations. No additional controls required.
  • Reindeer-sized showering facilities: The open air, hot showers in each of the six approved campsites allow plenty of space for large furry animals to take a relaxing shower. Special modifications are available for elves (a longer pull string) and vertically challenged guests.
  • Rudolphpedic© bedding: Rudolph has licensed our beautiful pine trees as approved sources of natural bedding. For his less furry friends, he recommends bringing a tent and sleeping bag.
  • Dining option that includes milk and cookies: Santa gives his full gastronomic seal of approval on our Christmas-themed meals. We have been elevated to 5-Candy Cane status by incorporating a cookie-themed event into the first day of the fellowship.
  • Rustic fireplace option: Chimneys are optional, provided that there is a sufficient method of hanging christmas stockings. If desired, stockings may be placed on the large candy cane signs at the entrance to campsites. Because every guest is at least a First Class scout, a pioneering project may be used to hang multiple stockings by the campfire.

A Very Coosa Christmas will include Chapter Camping. EVERYONE will camp by chapter!!! Don’t forget to bring your tent. Our new rustic chique shuttle service will take you and your gear from the Parking Lot to your chapter site. Just look for the giant Candy Cane with your chapter’s name on it in the Parking Lot “loading zone.” When you drop your gear, walk back to the Scoutmasters’ Pavilion by the Parade Field to register. For your safety, only approved vehicles with Coosa Christmas Parking Passes will be allowed beyond the gate.

Achuannchi Chapter: Chigger Ridge
Cahaba Chapter: Bobcat’s Den
Cheaha Chapter: Boone’s Place
Cherokee Chapter: Buck’s Hideout
Kaskanampo Chapter: Chigger Ridge
Koasati Chapter: Beaver Knoll
Lookout Mountain Chapter: Raccoon Hollow
Muscogee Chapter: Raccoon Hollow
Nacah Sipo Chapter: Bobcat’s Den
Nischamawat Chapter: Buck’s Hideout
Nunne Hi Chapter: Boone’s Place
Yuchi Chapter: Beaver Knoll

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