Lodge Training Summit and Winter Banquet are Tomorrow!

by Chris Brightwell on January 18, 2013

The first Coosa Lodge event of 2013 is just hours away! We’re meeting tomorrow, January 19th, at First Baptist Church in Albertville, AL (309 East Main Street, via Google Maps). The cost is $10 per person.

Registration opens at 8am, training starts at 9am, the banquet program starts at around 5pm, and we’ll have everyone back on the road shortly after 7pm. That should be early enough to get everyone home at a decent hour, even to the furthest corners of the council.

The finishing touches have been added to the training schedule, which you can download here: 2013 LTS – Training Schedule – For Printing.pdf

The centerpiece of the training program is perhaps the day-long ceremonies workshop, which will help teach you how to recruit and train a ceremony team, then takes a close look at each of the ceremonies (Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil) to help you learn some of their finer details. Whether you’re trying to build or improve your team or you’re just interested in learning more about the ceremonies, this is sure to be a great group of sessions.

Other sessions include a walk-through on creating and submitting patch designs for future Coosa Lodge events, an hour on how to get started with Coosa Shows, information for new Ordeal members, notes on how your unit can benefit from supporting the lodge, an introduction to the Nimat and Elangomat programs, a glimpse at the future of our Where To Go Scouting guide, a guide to conducting effective unit elections, an introduction to the inductions process, a little bit of trivia, a little bit of history, and a whole lot of fun and fellowship.

Then we’ll have an hour for you to join up with a committee within the lodge and get involved. There are plenty of opportunities to get hooked into something and become an active part of the lodge, and this is arguably the best place to start that connection.

During the committee meetings, we’ll also have a one-hour session centered around planning and discussing plans for the 2013 Ordeal season.

Finally, you’ll get a free patch and you’ll get a chance to pick up your very own copy of the 2013 Coosa Lodge Planbook, including a complete roster of all the 2013 dues-paid members of the lodge.

After all of that, we’ll sit down for a wonderful Winter Banquet, featuring a catered dinner, our 2013 Founder’s Award presentations, a special keynote speaker, and other awards and recognitions.

This is destined to be a great event, but we can only do it if everyone comes and joins in. See you tomorrow!

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