SR-9 Summer Leadership Seminar is coming up!

by Dylan Clark on August 12, 2013

Just  a few weeks from now is the SR-9 Summer Leadership Seminar (SLS). Formerly known as the Conclave Planning Seminar, SLS is an annual section event in which lodge chiefs come together in the Council of Chiefs (COC) meeting. Along with that, chiefs and Arrowmen (all are invited) are able to take part in various Native American activities, sessions where you can learn about the section and the Order, and more. At SLS, you can also get involved with the section by joining a planning committee for the upcoming Conclave.

Just a few FAQs:     

What is there to do at SLS and who should attend?
At the Conclave Planning Seminar at Moundville Archaeological Park, Council of Chiefs members and all other Arrowmen will attend training classes, trade patches, participate in the AIA Powwow, compete in mock Quest events, and help plan the 2014 conclave. The event costs just $20.00. Coosa pre-registration is by 8/19. After that a $5 late fee will be applied.

Housekeeping Notes:
Aracoma will serve a cracker-barrel on Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Saturday with a light snack on Sunday morning, and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Please bring your own tents and a couple of lanterns to Moundville. Everyone will be camping in the same location. Additionally, there will be plenty of restrooms and/or port-a-toilets as well as shower locations.

Program Overview and Schedule:
During the weekend, your arrowmen will have the opportunity to attend trainings on ceremonies, American Indian Activities, or leadership.  On Friday night, we will be offering a couple of training cells beginning at 7:00 CDT followed by a cracker-barrel and fellowship. On Saturday, breakfast will be offered at 7:30 with training beginning 8:30. Training will continue until 12:00 when we will break for lunch.

Following lunch, the COC will tour the site and facilities while the other arrowmen explore the museum, complete a scavenger hunt, and/or play games. Following the tour, the CVC’s will meet with their advisers before the COC. During the COC, non-members are welcome to continue to tour Moundville, play games, and continue the scavenger hunt. Additional trainings may be provided as well as preparations being made for the evening’s Pow-Wow. Once the COC concludes, dinner will be provided followed by a Pow-Wow and cracker-barrel and fellowship. Any brother or contingent wishing to depart after the Pow-Wow is welcome to do so. Please let the Service Lodge, Aracoma, know who is departing.

Coosa Lodge will not provide transportation to the event.

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