Summer Leadership Seminar – can’t wait ’til Conclave 2014!

by Dylan Clark on August 26, 2013

Recently, SR-9 hosted the annual Summer Leadership Seminar (formerly known as Conclave Planning Seminar) down at Moundville Archaeological Park in Tuscaloosa. Coosa had 15 Arrowmen representing our lodge, including Section Chief Nathan Moore. Although the event only lasted two days thanks to weather conditions, it was great!

Lodge members were able to enjoy sessions hosted by section leaders ranging from spicing up lodge events to Native American regalia, as well as get a sneak peak at Conclave 2014. From a terrific cracker barrel on Friday evening to the opportunity to tour Moundville throghout Saturday, Arrowmen were able to meet Section leaders and become further involved with the Order.(photos coming soon!)

Next year, we hope to see more Arrowmen attend this fellowship-filled event and we look forward to the next Conclve in April! Just one last note, don’t forget that the September Ordeal is almost here, more news coming soon.

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