Another successful Coosa Ordeal!

by Dylan Clark on September 10, 2013

Last weekend, Camp Sequoyah witnessed the second of Coosa Lodge’s new-and-improved Ordeals and it was a big success!

Coosa gained 169 new members, who throughout Saturday worked all across the camp in their clans doing everything to maintain Sequoyah and help preserve the area. This ranged from erosion control everywhere, to trail and parking lot cleanup and improvement, and anything in between. Once again, a council camp has been cheerfully served!

There were also 27 members who sealed their membership by attaining Brotherhood. Along with the candidates, members worked and participated throughout the Ordeal through Service Corps, ceremonies, food services, elangomating, and helping administer the event by being an Ordeal master or serving on the Brotherhood Committee. A big thanks from the Vice Chief of Inductions, Will Tidwell, to all those who helped make this event possible.

The Ordeal was also thoroughly covered by various Arrowmen, who posted photos that you can check out on the Lodge’s Facebook, Twitter. All in all, it was a wonderful event full of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service! Stay tuned for information on the 2013 Fall Fellowship, Coosapalooza, coming up in October!

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