Get ready for Fall Fellowship 2013!

by Dylan Clark on September 17, 2013

The 2013 Coosa Lodge Fall Fellowship is just a few weeks away! Mark your calendars for October 4-6.

This year, Coosa Lodge will be hosting its 15th annual Fall Fellowship. Every year, Arrowmen from every chapter come together for a weekend full of quest events, hawk-talks, competitions such as lodge-ball, and of course, patch trading! Fun and fellowship aside, this event also provides opportunities to witness and become further involved with Coosa and the Order of the Arrow though the annual Vigil Honor call-out ceremony, lodge elections, and more.

Fall Fellowship will be held at Camp Comer Scout Reservation, in Fort Payne, AL. For directions, click here. The event will be $30 for everyone and member dues for those who didn’t go through an Ordeal this year are $15.

Registration opens at 5 pm on Friday, closes at 8pm, then re-opens on Saturday morning. If you arrive after 8pm, don’t worry! You can setup camp and check-in first thing on Saturday. Just be sure to check the registration area for your campsite assignment. (Campsites will again be assigned on a per-chapter basis.)

Online registration can be found here. You can also purchase the Coosa Lodge 2014 Event Pass while you’re at Comer and have all events and dues covered for next year!


For 2013, be prepared for a rememberable Fall Fellowship with “Coosapalooza”! This time around, lodge members will be able to participate in carnival-themed games and quest events, along with all our other Fall Fellowship activities. As part of this year’s theme, we’ll be introducing some new things such as games and cotton candy, and bringing back old memories, including inflatables for all to enjoy!

At this event, we’ll elect and induct a new slate of officers, recognize a new class of Vigil Honor recipients, and celebrate all that was Coosa in 2013. There will be opportunities to work with the Service Corps and plenty of other opportunities to serve (especially with the kitchen crew, the trading post, and Coosa Shows).

This is also a really great time to get to know the members of your Chapter. If you’re interested in joining or starting a team to do drum, dance, or ceremonies, now is the time to find your people! With a little bit of effort, you could be ready to strut your stuff at the 2014 Spring Pow-wow.

Make sure to stay updated on all things Coosa before, during, and after the event find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our email updates. Our Coosa Lodge LIVE team will also be covering this year, so check them out on Twitter. Hope to see everyone there!

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