The next Ordeal is just around the corner!

by Dylan Clark on November 8, 2013

This has been a busy month with Coosa, and now it’s time to prepare for one last Ordeal for 2013!

The Ordeal will be next weekend, November 15-17, at Camp Jackson, in Scottsboro, AL. (driving directions coming soon) Registration opens at 5 pm for members and 6 pm for Ordeal Candidates. Ordeal Candidates should be receiving a letter or an email in the next week or so detailing what they need to bring with them. If you don’t get that email, please let us know. You can also find all of that information here: Information for Ordeal Candidates. This is the last Ordeal of the year, and we’re bringing Camp Jackson back to life! Camp Jackson was heavily damaged from the tornadoes in April of 2011 and it needs dedicated Scouts and Scouters to repair and get it back to working again. This is a big event for Greater Alabama Council, and so Coosa needs as many Arrowmen as possible, so make sure you can be there!

If you have been an Ordeal member for ten months, it’s time to seal your membership in the Order by attaining Brotherhood! You can find all of the information you need in our Brotherhood Study Guide (click here for password info) or at the OA JumpStart website. If you’re interested in attaining Brotherhood, talk to the registration staff when you check-in at the Dining Hall. They’ll get you squared away.

If you’re already Brotherhood or not yet eligible, you can still come and take part in all the fellowship that’ll be happening at Jackson. If you’re interested, but not involved already, you can join the Coosa Lodge Service Corps and be part of the team that makes these events possible. Along with that, there’s still much you can participate in – from ceremonies, to Elangomating, or Brotherhood counseling.

There will be more information coming out this week as things get sorted out, but stay updated on all things Coosa before, during, and after the event – find us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our email updates. Yet again, this is a very important event for Camp Jackson, so we hope to see you at Scottsboro next weekend!

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