Coosa + Moundville = Fantastic Conclave 2014

by Dylan Clark on April 29, 2014

Last weekend, Aracoma Lodge held the annual SR-9 Conclave at Moundville Archeological Park down in Tuscaloosa, and with a 122 Arrowmen in attendance, Coosa was ready!
Our theme this year was “The Coosa Games”, where we wished “may the lodge be ever in your favor” to fellow Scouts from around the section. This year’s mystery item was a special Coosa Games coin with a unique golden hawk. Saturday evening included special competitions available for all participants at the lodge booth, featuring Hunger Games-themed prizes and more!

Speaking of competitions, Coosa had another excellent year, winning a number of awards and recognitions:
1st Place – Lodge Display
1st Place – Overall Administrative Events
2nd Place – Tallypo Booth
3rd Place – Lodge Newsletter
3rd Place – Where To Go Camping Guide
1st Place – Lodge Website
1st Place – Lodge Facebook
3rd Place – Lodge Twitter
1st Place – Pre-Ordeal – Yuchi
2nd Place – Grass Dance Regalia, Brandon Oswald
2nd Place – Grass Dance, Brandon Oswald

Throughout the weekend, Coosa Shows worked hard to put on the arena shows for Friday and Saturday nights along with the Section elections Sunday morning. Performances included Native American stories and a musical performance featuring our very own Chief, John Mayhall. A big thanks to all those who performed, ran, or help setup the arena!

Section elections were held Sunday morning, and our 2014-15 slate of officers are: Alex Leach – Section Chief, Patrick Mapp – Section Vice Chief, and Matt Harris – Section Secretary.

Now that Conclave is past us, we’re gearing up for Ordeal season and the first Ordeal of 2014, scheduled for May 16-18 at Camp Sequoyah. Thanks to everyone who helped make Coosa Lodge’s participation at Conclave such a success. Here’s hoping we can continue in Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service into 2015!

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