1 Day ’til August Ordeal at Camp Comer

by Chris Brightwell on August 14, 2014


We’re just one day away from our second Ordeal weekend of 2014, happening tomorrow night at Comer Scout Reservation near Mentone, AL. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

The Ordeal is this weekend (August 15-17) at Comer Scout Reservation near Mentone, AL.

The weather (via The Weather Channel) will be warm in the afternoons, cool in the evenings, and dry. We basically couldn’t ask for better Ordeal weather, but don’t forget to bring a jacket!

Registration opens at 5pm on Friday. The cost for members is $15, unless you have a 2014 Coosa Lodge Event Pass.

If you need directions to camp, you can get them here from Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/l20Y3

  • Ordeal Candidates — We put together a simple page with instructions, a packing list, and a special video just for you. You can find all of that on our “Info for Ordeal Candidates” page.
  • Brotherhood Candidates — Have you been an Ordeal member for 10 months? If so, then it’s time to seal your membership by attaining Brotherhood. Check out our Brotherhood Study Guide (the password is the Admonition, in all lowercase characters) and visit jumpstart.oa-bsa.org for everything you need to know, then tell the check-in staff that you to do Brotherhood. There is no additional fee for this.
  • Lodge Officer nominations are due Saturday before lunch. Click here to download the Lodge Officer Nomination form. If you wish to run for Lodge Chief or one of the Lodge Vice-Chief positions, this form MUST be submitted, otherwise you will not be considered.
  • Vigil Honor nominations are due Saturday before lunch. Click here to download the Vigil Honor Nomination form.  All Vigil-eligible members will be considered, but this form helps the committee recognize and consider candidates that they may not know or names they may not recognize.
  • COOSA NOAC METAL FLAPSNOAC registration opens this weekend! We’re taking 200 Coosa Lodge members to NOAC next year, and we want you to be one of them! Click here to download the NOAC registration form.
  • We’re selling some NOAC fundraiser flaps! The Coosa Lodge Executive Commitee has authorized the first in a series of fundraisers for our NOAC contingent with the goal of driving our participant fee as low as possible. We had huge success with this in 2012 and are hoping to repeat that success in 2015. Click here to download the order form for the first fundraiser release. Note that these are FULL-SIZE FLAP PINS, not dissimilar from our Vigil flap pins or other full-size metal flaps we’ve released in the past. These are NOT hat pins.

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