Two Ordeals down, one to go!

by Dylan Clark on August 18, 2014

This past weekend, Coosa came together for the first time this fall and got down to doing what the Order does best – cheerful service!

As things got underway Friday night, we prepared to induct 136 new members. Come Saturday, clans worked hard to prepare Camp Comer for the fall Scouting season, making sure it’s back in tip-top shape after a long summer. Along with the newly-inducted, the lodge gained 27 new Brotherhood members! As the day drew to a close, Arrowmen old & new gathered for cracker-barrel.

With a total weekend attendance of 288 members, it was a great start to the fall! With this one in the books, we now look to the last Ordeal of 2014 at Camp Westmoreland, September 19-21. Mark your calendars and stay updated on Facebook & Twitter. See you at the next event!

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