Westmoreland, new brothers, and cheerful service!

by Dylan Clark on September 22, 2014

This past weekend, Coosa lodge gathered for one final Ordeal of 2014, and to say things went well might be an understatement!

Friday evening, members and candidates alike from across the state came together in Florence at Camp Westmoreland, where Coosa hasn’t had an Ordeal since 2012. As everything got underway, the Lodge prepared to induct 94 new members into the Order.

Saturday, groups worked to improve camp and get it ready for the fall Scouting season. Amongst the projects worked on was a repainting Westmoreland’s dining hall, restoring the building to its former glory! From repairing trails & improving campsites to fixing buildings & restoring various areas, Coosa had it covered. Come Saturday afternoon, we also inducted 23 new Brotherhood members! That night, the lodge gathered for a feast of delicious steaks followed by a cracker barrel and a movie, all thanks to the hard work of the kitchen and Coosa Shows staff.

With a total attendance of 210, the weekend was a success and everyone departed Sunday morning with all eyes on Fall Fellowship, which is just two weeks away! (October 3-5) Stay tuned, for we’ll have more information released starting tomorrow and throughout the following week.

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