Coosa’s 2014 Vigil Honor Recipients

by Dylan Clark on October 8, 2014

2014 Coosa Vigils

In the Order of the Arrow, the Vigil Honor is the highest recognition a Lodge can bestow upon its members. Once a year, Coosa Lodge honors a select few Brotherhood members who have contributed exemplary service and lived in Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service.

Friday night at Fall Fellowship, 14 Brotherhood members of Coosa Lodge were called out in the lodge’s annual Vigil call-out ceremony. On Saturday evening, during the closing show for the “Coosa Film Festival“, these members were officially recognized before the lodge and were presented with their new sashes. This year’s Vigil Honor recipients are:

  • Alex Brown – Tenduchen Wehwatewet – Fire Building Teacher
  • Nicholas Crenshaw – Takachsin Gischeleman – Leader Who Creates With His Mind
  • Alex East – Wundchenneu Ohchu Gokhos Kaxkeni – Western Mountain Owl Who Breaks
  • Colin Giles – Achowelendam Takachsin – Deep Thinking Leader
  • Jordan Lowe – Meteu Machque Kelkihel – Medicine Bear Who Brings Laughter
  • Jorge Marin – Wingolauchsik Ehahpikwes – Cheerful Music Player
  • Alexander McDowell – Woapalanne Allohakasin Aihamuk – Eagle Who Teaches Eagles
  • Liam Oswald – Nkeleksewinkwexi Gihim Winkalichik – Smiling One Who Encourages Friends
  • Sean Reavis – Klamachpin Majawiechton Witahemui – Quiet Organizer Who Serves
  • Noah Reed – Lilchpin Aiham – Diligent Golden Eagle
  • Vincent Sweeney – Wilawflihan Mpetao Wingolauchsik – Selfless One Who Brings Cheer
  • Mr. William Curtis – Meechgalhukquot Wtschitschanquiwi – Red Haired Spiritual One
  • Mr. Austin Landry – Maike Takachsin – Camping Leader
  • Mrs. Lu Ann Poniatowski – Tangelensui Pupukwesh – Humble Bobwhite


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