The Coosa Lodge History Committee needs your help!

by Chris Brightwell on January 18, 2016


As members of the Order of the Arrow, we are specifically obligated to “observe and preserve” our history and traditions. As such, for the Order of the Arrow’s centennial celebration, each lodge was charged by the National Order of the Arrow Committee to create and share a history book. Long story short, due to a number of things, that particular project was never really finished.

Our goal in the beginning was really, really ambitious. We wanted to create written narratives, collect personal stories or essays, and publish comprehensive lists of awards and recognition items from Coosa and also from the lodge lodges. We want to create a single, complete, and definitive patch history for Coosa, Achunanchi, Kaskanampo, and Cherokee Lodges. We want to scan and archive any documents or other artifacts you might have squirreled away in a box somewhere.

In other words, we wanted to do create a massive library of things related Coosa Lodge and its predecessor lodges. We wanted to share it online for the whole world to see, but we just couldn’t get this thing started. We still want to do this project, though, and we want to create the best historical record and archive possible. That’s where you come in.

If you want to help, there are a few ways in which you can do so:

  1. Visit and fill out our survey! This will help us fill in some gaps in our knowledge and should also help us find people who have things that we need to scan or photograph.
  2. Donate materials to the collection! We are quite literally interested in anything that you might have! Photos, newsletters, LEC minutes, trip rosters, membership reports, and more. If you have something related to Coosa, Cherokee, Auchunanchi, or Kaskanampo, and you just want to give it a good home, we’ll be more than happy to put it into the lodge’s collection and keep it safe. If you have something to share, email me (
  3. Let us scan or photograph your keepsakes! We already have good leads on scanning or photographing a lot of stuff, and we would love to add as much as possible to our physical archive, but we know that a lot of you have things that you want to share but also want to keep. We understand! Please let us scan or photograph what you have so we can include it in our digital archive. If you want to do this anonymously, we can do that, too! If you have something to share, email me (
  4. Join the team! We have more work to do than can we can comprehend right now, so we could use some help as we move forward. If you’re interested in writing, research, administrative work, or anything else, email me (

If you’re interested in donating material or letting us scan something, I’m planning to have a collection and scanning station setup at the upcoming Lodge Training Summit (February 6th at Camp Sumatanga). Feel free to stop by and talk about the project or share something with us.

We’re working on a detailed plan of attack for 2016 and beyond. I’ll share that as it develops. In the meantime, if you have any questions or what to share any info, send an email to me ( and let’s talk.

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