The Lodge Rules Rules Could be Changing, Check Out the Proposal

by Christian Moomaw on January 23, 2016

The Lodge Rules are the one document that outlines how everything in the Lodge works. This covers everything from Lodge finances to establishing our Lodge totem. These rules are seldom amended, but over the past couple of months, the LEC has been discussing a change that will be presented to the lodge in two weeks at Winter Banquet.

Okay, so what might be changing?

The proposed change would create a Lodge Vice-Chief of Communications. This officer would be responsible for things like this website, social media, the Red Feather Herald, the Lodge Planbook, and similar media.

You can check out the current rules here, and you can look at the proposed new lodge rules over here. We’ve highlighted the changes in the proposal to make them easy to spot.

So what does Winter Banquet have to do with any of this?

This amendment has already been discussed and approved by the LEC, but for something as important as changing the Lodge Rules, that isn’t enough. The final step to approving an amendment is to have a general lodge meeting approve it.

This general meeting will take place during the banquet next weekend, and every youth arrowman present will get to vote.

What will happen if this is approved?

If this amendment is approved by the lodge, then the changes will go into effect beginning at Fall Fellowship this November. When we elect our 2017 officers, the Vice-Chief of Communications will be among them.

…and what if it’s not approved?

In that case, nothing will change. The lodge officers will still consist of the same six positions that is has since the last rules change.


Any questions? I’ll see you at the banquet!


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