We kicked off 2016 with a great training summit and banquet!

by Chris Brightwell on February 8, 2016

Our first lodge event of 2016 is in the books! We have officially kicked off our 2016 program year, and things are off to a great start.

More than 150 Coosa Lodge members and guests came together at Camp Sumatanga last weekend for a day of fellowship, training, brainstorming, and great food. We offered one of our most diverse training schedules ever, watched dozens of small breakout meetings happen in the main hall, and recognized some of our best and brightest.

As training gave way to the banquet program, we recognized once again our 2015 Vigil Honor recipients, then we recognized some of our committee award recipients and heard a great keynote address from our SR-9 Section Chief, Patrick Mapp.

We recognized John Mayhall, Mr. Tom McInnis, and Mr. David Murphree with the Founder’s Award.

Our staff adviser, Mr. Joey Kiker, received the James E. West Fellowship Award as we all learned that he would soon be resigning from his role at the Greater Alabama Council to pursue an incredible new opportunity at Church of the Highlands. Joey then challenged each of us to continue delivering on the vision of Dr. Goodman by maintaining a standard of cheerful, unselfish service to others in a time when hatred and selfishness are so abundant throughout the world.

Finally, we saw the debut of the 2015 Coosa Lodge Year in Review video from Coosa Shows. You’ll find that embedded at the end of this post.

As the night concluded, and as we all returned safely to our homes, our collective vision turned toward the 2016 Coosa Lodge Spring Pow-wow, which will be held March 11-13 at Camp Comer. We’ll have an update on that later this week, plus you should start seeing info in your mailboxes very soon.

Thanks to everyone who came to LTS/WB and made it such a great success!

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