Interested in running for lodge office? Nominations are now being accepted.

by Christian Moomaw on August 12, 2016

‘Tis the season for nominations.

If you are interested in running for Lodge Chief or one of the Lodge Vice-Chief positions at Fall Fellowship this year, the election process begins now. You need to download the nomination form, fill it out, and make sure that you submit it to Mr. Jim Colson.

Nominations are due promptly by 8:00 PM on Friday, September 30 at the Westmoreland Ordeal. Of course, you are encouraged to submit it early either in person at the upcoming Comer Ordeal (September 9-11), or by emailing the completed form to

The Vice-Chief positions are slightly different this year, due to the recently-approved changes to the lodge rules. We will be electing a Vice-Chief of Communications in addition to the positions from the past few years. In full, the positions up for election are:

  • Chief
  • Vice-Chief of Service
  • Vice-Chief of Administrations
  • Vice-Chief of Fellowship
  • Vice-Chief of Inductions
  • Vice-Chief of Communications
  • Vice-Chief of Native American Affairs

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