2017 Heartland Gathering Recap

by Chris Brightwell on May 1, 2017

More than 110 members of Coosa Lodge traveled to Camp Frank G. Lumpkin near LaGrange, Ga. to join hundreds of Arrowmen from across SR-9 for the inaugural SR-9 Heartland Gathering (aka Conclave).

Coosa did well, placing in ceremonies and dance competitions, administrative events, and more. Coosa Lodge youth also provided key leadership for several areas of the event, including Jesse Mayhall as CVC for AIA and Colin Giles as CVC for Shows.

The next SR-9 Heartland Gathering will be April 20-22, 2018, at Camp Comer, hosted by yours truly and the rest of us in Coosa Lodge! Stay tuned for updates over the next few months as we prepare to host one of the largest events in the Southern Region in 2018!

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