Coosa Lodge Rules Might be Changing, Read the Proposal

by Colin Giles on January 5, 2018

The Lodge Rules is the document that outlines how our Lodge is structured and operates. These are things like leadership structures, finances, and lodge name. The LEC has been discussing some changes with the Rules Ad-Hoc Committee. These changes will be presented to the lodge at the Winter Banquet in two weeks.

Sounds good, so what might be changing?

Well, the proposed changes cover a few different areas. The major changes are the succession of Lodge Chief, Lodge Service flap requirements, and the addition of Addendum III. You can see the current rules here. Here are the new Lodge Rules, Addendum I, Addendum II, and Addendum III. The new changes/additions have been highlighted to make them easier to find.

So why is Winter Banquet important for this?

The amendments and the addenda have already been discussed and approved by the LEC, but for something as important as changing the Lodge Rules, it must be voted upon by the lodge at a general lodge meeting.

This meeting will take place during the upcoming banquet and every youth arrowman present will get to vote.

What happens if this is approved?

If the amendments are approved by the lodge, then the changes will go into effect at Fall Fellowship 2018.

What happens if they’re not approved?

Then the Lodge Rules will remain unchanged. Addendum I and II, however, will change as they only require LEC approval and have already been approved. Addendum III will not exist as it will only exist if the new amendments are passed.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page, website, or email the chief directly.
See you at the banquet!

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