Spring Induction Weekend

by Colin Giles on February 11, 2018

As we inch into the second week of February, our first Induction Weekend of the year appears just two short weeks away. This will be an important weekend as not only will we be inducting new brothers, but this will also be the first major work weekend for Heartland Gathering. This will be the first time we will be given the eligibility to buy the Coosa Lodge Service flap for Heartland Gathering. Haven’t registered yet? You can head on over to either the Spring Induction Weekend event page on our Facebook page and click “tickets” or go to coosa50.org/registration-base.

If you’ve been elected and called out and are wanting to register for the Induction Weekend, you will also find a registration link at coosa50.org/registration-base. Not sure if this applies to you? Contact your unit leader before registering.

Have any questions about Spring Induction Weekend? Feel free to message us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/coosalodge.

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