Coosa Lodge Rules

The Lodge Rules (formerly known as the Lodge By-Laws) are the reviewed annually by the Lodge Key 3 and modified as necessary by the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) with the youth Lodge membership in a process laid out in the document. These rules govern the operation of the Lodge and are superseded by any policy, guidance, or operations update issued by the Order of the Arrow National Committee (as stated in the rules themselves).

In addition to the Lodge Rules, the Lodge Executive Committee annually reviews and revises Addendum I and Addendum II, which define committee and financial structure, respectively, for a given program year. These are purely structural policies, and are only in effect for a single program year. Addenda I and II must be reviewed, revised, and re-approved each year.

The complete texts of the current revision of the Lodge Rules, Addendum I, and Addendum II may be found on the Misc Publications section of this website, or at the links below.