Lodge Chiefs and Advisers

Since the first election in the Fall of 1999, Coosa Lodge has maintained a roster of talented and capable Key 3 Leadership. Below is a listing of the Key 3 from each year of our history.

YearLodge ChiefLodge AdviserStaff Adviser
2000David SelfDr. James FlattMr. Gene Wright
2001Massey GriffinDr. James FlattMr. Gene Wright
2002Chris BrightwellDr. James FlattMr. Gene Wright
2003Robert ThomasonDr. James FlattMr. Keith Swedenburg
2004Will HayesDr. James FlattMr. Keith Swedenburg
2005Joey KikerMr. Greg MooreMr. Keith Swedenburg
2006James TarboxMr. Greg MooreMr. Keith Swedenburg
2007James Tarbox
Travis Tarbox
Mr. Greg MooreMr. Jackie Pettit
2008Gregory Keith
Ryan Sweeney
Mr. Greg MooreMr. Jackie Pettit
2009Will JacksonCol. Kent JacksonMr. Seth Hill
Mr. Doug Jackson
2010Will ColeCol. Kent JacksonMr. Doug Jackson
2011Devan BeitelCol. Kent JacksonMr. Doug Jackson
2012 Kyle DotsonMr. Ed O'NealMr. Joey Kiker
2013Patrick YimMr. Ed O'NealMr. Joey Kiker
2014John MayhallMr. Ed O'NealMr. Joey Kiker
2015Will TidwellMr. Ed O'NealMr. Joey Kiker
2016Alex EastMr. Jim ColsonMr. Joey Kiker
  • James Tarbox was elected Section Chief at the 2007 SR-6S Conclave. At that time, the Vice-Chief of Service, Travis Tarbox, assumed the role of Lodge Chief.
  • Gregory Keith left for the United States Military Academy at the end of the summer. At that time, the Vice-Chief of Service, Ryan Sweeney, assumed the role of Lodge Chief.
  • Mr. Seth Hill served as Staff Adviser from January through June in 2009.