Coosa Lodge Calendar

This is the most official and most current version of the Coosa Lodge program calendar. This calendar supersedes all other published calendars.

2016 Coosa Lodge Calendar

Jan 8-10, 2016SR-9 Indian WinterCamp Thunder
Hosted by Ini-To Lodge
Feb 6, 2016Training Summit & Winter BanquetCamp Sumatanga
Gallant, AL
Feb 27, 2016Hawk DayCamp Tranquility
Mar 11-13, 2016Spring Pow-WowCamp Comer
Apr 9, 2016Hawk DayCamp Jack Wright
Apr 15-17, 2016SR-9 ConclaveCamp Rainey Mountain
Hosted by Mowogo Lodge
May 13-15, 2016Ordeal & Brotherhood WeekendCamp Sequoyah
Sept 9-11, 2016Ordeal & Brotherhood WeekendCamp Comer
Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2016Ordeal & Brotherhood WeekendCamp Westmoreland
Nov 4-6, 2016Fall FellowshipCamp Sequoyah
Nov 19, 2016Hawk DayCamp Jackson
Dec TBD, 2016Lodge Leadership RetreatTBD

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2017 Coosa Lodge Calendar

Jan 21Training Summit & Winter BanquetTBDTBDTBD
Feb 3-5* SR-9 Indian WinterWarner Scout Reservation
Prattville, AL
Mar 17-19Spring Pow-WowComer Scout Reservation
Mentone, AL
Apr 21-23* SR-9 Heartland GatheringCamp Frank G. Lumpkin
LaGrange, GA
May 19-21Spring Induction WeekendComer Scout Reservation
Mentone, AL
Aug 18-20Fall Induction WeekendCamp Sequoyah
Delta, AL
Nov 3-5Fall FellowshipComer Scout Reservation
Mentone, AL
TBDLodge Leadership RetreatTBDTBDTBD

Lodge Training Summit & Winter Banquet

In the past, Coosa Lodge has held either a day-long training event (traditionally known as the “Lodge Leadership Development Conference”, or “LLDC”) or a Winter Banquet program.  This year, we’re combining those ideas into a single day-long event with training and fellowship during the day followed by a great dinner and our successful winter banquet program.

Hawk Day

One of the Order of the Arrow’s primary functions is to provide service to each council and its camps. During Hawk Day (also sometimes known as “Beaver Day”), Coosa Lodge comes together at one of our local camps to provide a day of focused efforts to provide service and improve the camp.

Spring Pow-Wow

This is a new event for 2013, building on the success of the American Indian Seminar and opening it a wider audience.  Coosa Lodge will set the stage and prepare an exciting program that gives our members opportunities to learn about and participate in Native American drumming, singing, and dancing while introducing Coosa Lodge and the Order of the Arrow to a wider Scouting audience, including Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts who are not yet members of the Order of the Arrow.


Each spring, at a nearby Scout camp, the Lodges of our Section meet at an annual Conclave. The word “conclave” means “a secret gathering”, but don’t let the name fool you — hundreds of people will be there, from twelve lodges.

We’re currently a member of SR-9 (Southern Region, Section 9), which includes the following lodges: Alapaha Lodge (from Valdosta, GA), Alibamu Lodge (from Montgomery, AL), Aracoma Lodge (from Tuscaloosa, AL), Chattahoochee Lodge (from Columbus, GA), Coosa Lodge (that’s us!), Echeconnee Lodge (from Macon, GA), Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge (from Atlanta, GA), Immokalee Lodge (from Albany, GA), Ini-To Lodge (from Griffin, GA), Mowogo Lodge (from Athens, GA), Pilthlako Lodge (from Waycross, GA), and Waguli Lodge (from Rome, GA).

Ordeal Weekends

This is the centerpiece of the Inductions Process, and it’s where Ordeal Candidates go through the process of becoming Ordeal Members.

This is a life-enriching experience for everyone who goes through it and it’s one that we work hard to make meaningful, but we need your help!  Whether you work in the kitchen, serve as an Elangomat, work alongside one of the work crews, or find another way to be useful, this is one of the most important opportunities for our lodge to provide cheerful service to our council’s camps.  If you have a specialized skill (plumbing, electrical, etc.), please let us know!

If you have been an Ordeal member for 10 months or longer, you are eligible to attain Brotherhood.  There is no charge for this, but you must download and study the latest update to the Brotherhood Study Guide, available on the lodge website.  You can find much of the same information on the Order of the Arrow JumpStart page at

Fall Fellowship

Each year, as the leaves are changing colors, Coosa Lodge meets at a GAC Camp for its annual Fall Fellowship. This is generally regarded as the biggest event of the year, where we celebrate our accomplishments from the previous year, induct our new Vigil Honor recipients, elect new lodge officers, and lay out our plans for the upcoming year.

You can expect to see inter-Chapter competitions in a variety of games (including volleyball, flickerball, wischixin, and more!), plenty of patch trading, great food, tons of fellowship, and an exciting closing show from Coosa Shows.

Lodge Leadership Retreat

Shortly after Fall Fellowship, the newly elected Lodge Officers, newly elected Chapter Chiefs, newly appointed Committee Chairmen, all of their advisers, and select others all gather in a secluded location for an intense weekend of training, team building, leadership development, and fellowship. If you’re elected or appointed to a leadership position, you’re expected to attend this event.