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If you need something that’s not here, contact the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, or Staff Adviser.

Coosa Lodge Jumbo Form

We’ve consolidated most of our single event registration forms into a single form.  This single, two-page form will let you register for an individual Coosa Lodge event, buy a 2018 Event Pass, and update your registration and contact info.

The 2018 Coosa Lodge Jumbo Form covers the following:

  • 2018 Dues
  • 2018 Lodge Training Summit & Winter Banquet
  • 2018 Hawk Days
  • 2018 Induction Weekends (Members Only)
  • 2018 Fall Fellowship

Click here to download the 2018 Coosa Lodge Jumbo Form.

Other Event Registration Forms

2017 SR-9 Heartland Gathering

Ordeal Candidate Registration

Awards and Nominations

The Induction Process

These forms are to be used for all unit elections and Brotherhood counseling.

2018 Coosa Lodge Elections Packet

Administrative Forms and Documents

During each LEC meeting, the Lodge Chief will call for reports from each Lodge Officer, Lodge Committee Chairman, and Chapter Chief.  Please submit a written report using one of these forms.

National Forms

The national Order of the Arrow website has several forms available on its forms page. These include registration for national Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs, individual nomination forms, and forms for use by Lodge and Section leadership.  The national Boy Scouts of America website also has several forms available on its forms page. These include the various BSA Medical Exam forms, Tour Permits, and more.