Opportunities to Serve

There are an almost infinite number of ways in which you can provide cheerful, unselfish service to Coosa Lodge and the Greater Alabama Council. Here are a just a few.

  • Coosa Shows — The Shows crew is always in need of talented photographers, videographers, light and sound board operators, editors, on-screen talent, on-stage talent, and much, much more. If you’re interested in photography, videography, editing, 3D animation, stage production, acting, script writing, or any other of the dozens of things that they do, send an email to [insert contact email].
  • Newsletter Editor — Reports directly to the Vice-Chief of Administration. Works with the Vice-Chief of Administration and the Lodge Key 3 to set publication deadlines, develop a back-dated editorial calendar for each deadline, collect articles and submission from the Lodge Executive Committee, edit and proofread content for publication, format content for publication, and submit files for printing and distribution.
  • Newsletter Adviser — Reports directly to the Adviser to the Vice-Chief of Administration. Works with his Adviser and the Lodge Key 3 to ensure that the Newsletter Editor can successfully meet all of his goals and deadlines.
  • Where To Go Camping Guide Edit0r
  • Planbook Editor
  • Website Adviser
  • Ceremony Teams – Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood