Resources for Units and Unit Leaders

The Order of the Arrow, as an organization, exists to strengthen the Scouting program through direct service to its council and units.  To further that purpose, we have collected a variety of resources for use by units within the Greater Alabama Council and beyond.

  • The Red Feather Award is a new award designed to recognize those units which encourage their Arrowmen to participate in all that the Order has to offer.  Through this participation, Scouts and Scouters will develop strong teambuilding and leadership skills, which will in turn strengthen the programs in their home units.
  • Our annual Election Procedures are published here, and updated annually, to help our units plan for an effective visit from a trained and sanctioned Coosa Lodge Unit Elections Team.
  • Several Camping Promition resources are available, through the Lodge and the Council, to help units encourage their members to participate in short- and long-term camping programs.
  • Information on the Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative Program is published here, in hopes that more of our units will take advantage of this opportunity to more more closely interweave their annual program with the lodge.
  • Finally, Camp Scholarships are available to help those Scouts who may not otherwise be able to afford an opportunity to participate in the resident summer camp experience at Camp Comer or Camp Sequoyah.